by Birana

Week 1, Day 1

Dear Diary,

Oh my God! I finally know what all the secrecy is about.

A while ago I applied for the position of assistant dance instructor for a "special" dance class. I was accepted, but they didn't tell me what was so "special" about the class, and they didn't mention the names of any students. Now I know why.

I reported to the complex at exactly 8:00, right on time. I was met by Amanda Ferran, the main instructor. She welcomed me, then brought me to see some of her former pupils.

At first it looked like an ordinary dress rehearsal for the musical CATS. They were wonderful, and I said so.

"Yes, I'm very proud of them," said Amanda. Then she called them over. "I want you to meet Miss Arthur, my new assistant," she said.

"Hello," I said, holding out my hand to the one that seemed to be the leader.

He looked confused, until Amanda motioned for him to take my hand. He put his hand in mine. It was furry.

I jumped slightly, and looked up into his face. What I had thought was make-up was really silvery fur with black stripes. His body was also covered in fur. His mouth was slightly open, and I saw that he had fangs.

I think I fainted then, because the next thing I knew I was away from the cat creatures and sitting in a chair. Amanda was standing over me. "Do you still want the job even though it's for them?"

I considered, then nodded. After all, it's a good job.

"Good. We took a big risk in bringing you here, but we need you." From there she went on to describe my hours, pay, and so on. She ended by saying that I will officially start my job next week, and until then I'll just watch how she teaches.

That's fine with me, I'm still a little shaky from that handshake. Cats! I'm going to be teaching cats! I bet Mama never thought of that when she enrolled me in ballet so long ago!

It's late, I better rest up for tomorrow. Bye!


PS: Agh, I hate it when I can't think of endings! I know this is just a diary, I'm the only one who's going to read it, but still, I wish I could think of a good ending for once!

G. A.


Week 1, Day 2

Dear Diary,

Not much happened today. I spent about an hour before I went preparing myself for the cat creatures, so the class wasn't too much of a shock. It still makes my head spin a bit to see their tails twitch, but that's to be expected.

Anyway, Amanda had the "kittens," as she calls them perform the group dances so I could get a feel for what they could do. Amanda's favorite seems to be a completely white female, who is an amazing dancer. All of them are amazing, really, except for another white female, this one with a brown patch on her right ear. I think that that one would be much better if she wasn't so afraid of Amanda. She danced beautifully when Amanda left the room for a few minutes.

Kathy Baker, the singing instructor, also worked with the kittens a bit. They have wonderful voices. And they're marvelous at memorizing lyrics, considering they don't read.

This is starting to sound like a kitten praise-fest. I can't help myself, it's just so strange seeing animals act like humans. Amanda assures me that they are just animals, but I've heard them whispering, so I'm not too sure about that.

And this concludes another entry in Genevieve's diary. And if you'll excuse me, I have to go prepare myself for another day of watching kids with tails and whiskers. (and that was another pathetic ending, blah, blah, blah...)



Week 2, Day 1

Dear Diary,

Today I started actually teaching the kittens being trained to be in CATS, instead of just watching. They seem friendly, but slightly scared of me. And very scared of Amanda. I don't wonder at that, she punishes them enough.

Amanda sent me to work with the 8- to 10-year-olds, who seem more in the 10-13 range. There are six of them: the two white females (that includes the one with the brown patch), a gray female with white and light orange spots, a brown-and-gray male, a reddish male, and a silver-and-black striped male who resembles the one I shook hands with. I like them all, and although I know I shouldn't, I tried to get them to talk to me. They all have the cutest way of calling me "Tutor." The most talkative was the gray one, the least was the white one with the patch. She's very timid, and I said so. As soon as the words escaped my mouth, the other four started whispering among themselves. I don't know why.

That's about all that happened, besides going through the dance routines that they already know and teaching them a new step or two. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful.


PS: An observation- for all her timidness, the kitten with the patch seems less scared of me than the others. I wonder why? And I wonder if I'm the only person in the world who writes PS's to herself?

G. A.


Week 2, Day 2

Dear Diary,

I found out why the kittens were whispering. The white one with the brown patch told me when I was working with her alone. She said that they give each other names based on their personalities, looks, whatever. Thanks to me, her name is "Timid." Something in the way she said it gave me the impression that she likes it.

Timid is a sweet little thing. She reminds me of my little sister Bethany, who died when she was eleven and I was fifteen.

Nice move, Genevieve. You just started crying all over your diary.

Okay, I'm better now. Back to Timid. Not only is she really sweet, she's an incredible dancer. Well, in front of me she is. If Amanda's watching, she's horrible. If she stops being so scared of Amanda, she'll probably end up playing Victoria (See that? I've been learning the characters of CATS!) when she's old enough to join the troupe.

Based on color and dancing and singing ability, it's pretty easy to figure out which kitten will play which character. The brown-and-gray male will probably play Tumblebrutus. He certainly tumbles enough. The red male is perfect for Macavity. When he gets angry he looks just like a little villain. The silver-and-black male would be wonderful for Munkustrap. The other white female could also be Victoria, but I think Timid would be better. I'm not at all sure about the gray female. There aren't any parts for a gray, and I don't think she's so good that they would dye her. She's quite an acrobat, though. If Tumblebrutus was female she'd be first on the list. Since he's not, she might not even make the troupe.

Genevieve, Genevieve, Genevieve, why must you ramble on so? And why must you keep talking to yourself?

Anyway. Today I worked with each kitten alone. They all have strong personalities. Timid, of course, is sweet. She's also intelligent and good at following directions, which, coupled with her natural talent, makes her an ideal performer- if she gets over her fear of Amanda. I think she's pretty trusting, as well. At least, she's the only one who trusted me enough to tell me her name. Maybe that's just because I named her, I don't know.

The other white one is a bit snobbish and cruel. The other kittens seem scared of her, yet hold her in contempt. She dances well, almost as well as Timid, but the expression on her face spoils it for me. I have a feeling these classes will be made a little more difficult because of her.

I think the best way to describe the gray female with the white and light orange patches is a "happy acrobat." As far as I can tell from two days experience, she's always happy, even around the white one. Some might call her a "giggling idiot," but there is cleverness there. Or maybe I'm just trying to defend her because I like her so much, and she really is an idiot. Nah, she's just happy.

The brown-and-gray male is another acrobat. He's also friendly and a bit bossy. Bossy in a good way, most of the time. He's the peacemaker for the six of them, even though he's not the oldest. Actually, he's one of the youngest. He settles all the arguments (there have been quite a few already, mostly between the white one or the silver-and-black one and the red one), which helps get the rest in order when I need it. I think he is sometimes caught between the red one and the silver-and-black one, since they are both his friends but hate each other. I hope they work out their differences before they join the troupe.

The red one. He's got a temper. I think he gets mad at everyone, including me, in turn, but contains it for all except the white one and the silver-and-black one. And I've noticed that when Timid is around he's a bit calmer. Sometimes he seems very intelligent, and works out problems. Unfortunately, he's awful at following directions. That's another problem I hope he works out before he joins the troupe. He is good friends with the brown-and-gray one. They balance each other out, sort of. They remind me of two friends I had when I was their age. That makes wonder if I should be scared. Those friends were terrors to their teachers. Oh well.

The silver-and-black one also seems very intelligent. And he's slightly more obedient than the red one, who, as I said, he hates. He is generally quieter than the rest, perhaps because he is, along with the brown-and-white one, the youngest.

I guess I should list them oldest to youngest, instead of just putting it in whenever I feel like it. Here goes. Timid and the other white one are the oldest, followed by the gray one and the red one, then the brown-and-gray one and the silver-and-black one.

Well, that was a nice, long entry. Rambling on as usual. And as usual, I can't think of any ending other than